Stop your Catalytic Converter or Diesel Particulate Filter from being stolen
If you own a 4 x 4, Van, MPV or Motorhome you are particularly at risk of Catalytic Converter Theft. Thefts on these vehicle are more common because they generally have larger Catalytic Converters or Diesel Particulate Filters which have a higher scrap value for theives, but also because they have a higher ground clearance making access to and removal of the Cat that much easier and quicker.
Fitting CATLOC‘s can help you to prevent theft happening so easily.
CATLOC is the UK’s leading Catalytic Converter and Diesel Particulate Filter lock manufacturer.

Prices of a fitted CATLOC are much lower than the cost of replacement components. We can fit the lock in a few hours, and we’re located just 20 minutes from Bristol.